No tricks. It is simply a matt

Fast boats feature a planning keel, which results in a drastic reduction in the draught when the sea is calm and sailing is peaceful. But when the wind picks up and the sea begins to ripple, the boat starts to flap around, compromising the sailing with non-stop and annoying water sprays on the deck. Experience led the Fratelli Aprea shipyards to develop a semi-planning bottom with an open-bow keel that increases the draught of the gozzo. This feature makes sailing extremely pleasant, as the boat no longer rides the waves but instead cuts them apart, staying fully in balance and picking up speed smoothly and without any jolts. A boat that allows you to face the sea even when the other boats are moored in the harbour waiting for the weather to clear.

The composure of the line

Every gozzo made by Fratelli Aprea is designed and built according to the techniques of Sorrento’s artisan tradition. Each one of its parts is meticulously created to experience and withstand the sea over time. All boat components are carved, smoothed and assembled to obtain sturdiness and elegant harmony with their natural habitat: the water. The gozzo boats made by Fratelli Aprea are bona fide works of art, built to offer the utmost comfort and a pleasant and safe sailing.
The current design is the trait that tells our story since 1890.

Drawn by the wind, modelled by waves

In order to build the gozzo boat, only wood of great value is used, obtained from timber trees at least 50 years old. For the successful outcome of a boat, it is crucial that excellent quality wood is used, properly seasoned. The meticulousness of the Fratelli Aprea shipyards means that the wood used is seasoned for about one year, compared to the usual period of 3-4 months. The wood laths are not treated delicately, but instead exposed to the elements: energetically washed by the rain and roughly dried by the wind. Longer seasoning times help avoid deformations that may occur with fresh wood, especially with the curved planking.