No tricks.
It’s just experience

Fast boats have a planing hull and this drastically reduces their draft. With calm seas, navigation is smooth but when the wind picks up and the sea roughens, the boat begins to crash, compromising navigation with the effect of continuous and annoying splashes of water on deck.

Experience has led the Fratelli Aprea shipyards to develop a semi-planing hull, with an open bow keel which increases the draft of the goiter. This feature makes navigation extremely pleasant, the boat no longer rides the waves, but cuts them cleanly, remaining in full trim and gaining speed smoothly and without jolts.

A boat that allows you to face the sea even when other boats remain moored in the port waiting for clear weather.

The Fratelli Aprea gozzo boats are true works of art, created to offer maximum comfort and pleasant, safe navigation.

The current design is the trait that has told our story since 1890.

Designed by the wind,
shaped by the waves

Each Fratelli Aprea gozzo is designed and built following the techniques of the Sorrento artisan tradition, each of its parts is meticulously created to live and resist the sea over time.

All the components of the boat are carved, smoothed and assembled to obtain robustness and elegant harmony with the their natural element: water.