of simplicity

Our hand slides on the smooth and immobile skeleton of a “Gozzo” to be built, symbol of our family of shipwrights who over time has been able to maintain the tradition of the true Gozzo Sorrentino unchanged.

A passion that endures over time, fueled by people who experience the sea with emotion and rediscover the living tradition…

The 32 Hard Top has a slender line that guarantees excellent cruising speed: the hull faces the sea with controlled reliability.
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The 32 Semi-cabin has a large and traditional sunbathing area, optimized by a comfortable sofa at the bow that can also be used while sailing.
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first of all

An art born in Sorrento and jealously handed down from generation to generation. A deep and indissoluble bond that binds the Aprea Brothers to the sea and this land.

Even today the gozzo boats are built in an artisanal way and with the same passion as in the past, although innovative in the lines adopted and in the refined design. The final result is an increasingly exclusive product.

The Sorrento

Carpenters build gozzos following an ancient method. Wanting to create a 7 meter gozzo and having established its use, the craftsmen first trace the “garbo” starting from the main frame, then 7 frames towards the bow and 7 towards the stern, thus forming the main section of the boat, “its skeleton”.

Continuing from the main section towards the bow and towards the stern, there are curved rulers, which serve to mark the development points of the remaining frames.

and passion

The Fratelli Aprea gozzo boats are true works of art, created to offer maximum comfort and pleasant, safe navigation. The current design is the trait that tells our story since 1890.

A boat that allows you to face the sea even when other boats remain moored in the port waiting for clear weather.