Good advice

for looking after your boat

Your boat is a precious asset.

It is your passion, the means chosen to spend your holidays in complete relaxation. To keep efficiency and safety unchanged over time, preserving its value, it is a good idea to carry out repeated checks on board to prevent breakdowns. In this regard, we propose the list of the main checks to be carried out during the year, the frequency of which will depend on the use of the vessel.

Our technicians and assistance service are however at your disposal for further clarifications and advice

Good advice for taking care of your boat:

  • hauling to check the condition of the hull, propeller shafts, rudders, sea intakes
  • cleaning of the hull and painting with antifouling
  • cleaning of bilges¬†
  • control of suction and bilge pumps with cleaning and possible replacement of filters
  • checking the impellers of the on-board pumps/autoclaves¬†
  • checking the rapid closing valves of the various sea inlets, with checking the tightness of the hull passages
  • checking the wheelhouse and keeping the shady rudders
  • check of the packing, of the engine and inverter fixing bolts, possible realignment of the shaft lines
  • replacement of engine oil, oil filters, diesel filters, cleaning/replacement of diesel pre-filters (main engines and electric generators)
  • external cleaning of engine with gear
  • checking belts, hoses and flexible hoses
  • check and possible replacement of zincs
  • overhaul of on-board fire extinguishers
  • replacement of oblot seals and manholes
  • maintenance of electrical equipment with special protective products
  • bow winch maintenance¬†
  • control of the hydraulic control unit and the various utilities connected to it (e.g. flap gangway, etc.)
  • cleaning and maintenance of teak, carpet and textile furnishings

    Some numbers

    • total surfaces 60,000 sqm
    • covered surfaces 9,000 sqm
    • travel lift up to 220 tons
    • towing and launching tanks up to 8 meters wide
    • winter storage
    • mechanical workshop


    • carpentry
    • naval carpentry
    • wood and fiberglass repairs
    • summer checkpoint center (hauling and checks)
    • refitting vintage boats