Sorrento 50 cabin cruiser


cabin cruiser

The Sorrento 50 is a pure form of style and represents the top of the Fratelli Aprea gozzo range.
It is the perfect combination of tradition and innovation, the art of shipwrights meets the innovations of nautical technology in an elegant and exclusive model.

The large spaces, the attention to detail with the fine finishes and the modern furnishings, made with quality wood, give this gozzo a class of times gone by, enlivened by the brilliant performance.

A unique model, but with many personalities, there are many possibilities for customization. The Sorrento 50 best represents the work of the Fratelli Aprea shipyard.


A strong


Type Gozzo Sorrentino
Category CE b
Max Speed 30 knots
Cruising Speed 25 knots
Hull SD
Construction materials Precious woods and fiberglass
Length f.t. 16,03 mt
Width f.t. 5,5 mt
Max number People 16
Beds 8
Engines 2 HP 720
Engine type EBD
Fuel Capacity 2700 Lt.
Water Tank Capacity 800 Lt.